Best choices to make from Medicare Supplement plans

According to the insurance experts, these days, there are readily available different types of Medicare Supplement plans to choose from depending upon individual budget and specific requirements. Such plans are also commonly termed as ‘Medigap’ plans. They are known as such because of their ability to plug in the gaps left by original Medicare like deductibles, coinsurance and copayments. The average monthly premiums charged on the popularly available Medigap plans may vary by approximately $200.

Different plan features

  • Half of all customers of Medigap tend to purchase Plan F and is termed to be among the best selling of all Medicare Supplement plans. The average monthly premiums charged by this plan range on the lower end from $93 to that for $266 on the higher side for any 65 year old woman/man. For the 75 year old person, the premium charge is $316.
  • Plan C is considered to be the second most popular among all Medicare Supplement plans available. Its costs are quite similar to that of Plan F. For the 65 year old person, average monthly premium beings at $93 and $267 for higher level. For the 75 year old, plan cost varies from $118 to $365.
  • Irrespective of the provider chosen, all Medigap plans tend to contain equal benefits. The other type of Medicare Supplement plans which do offer immense value to consumers are plan N & M. both the plans are quite similar to each other. Few insurers might prefer to choose an expensive plan from a trustworthy insurance company.

Things to consider when selecting Medicare Supplement plans-find out at

When selecting a supplemental plan, the cost involved should not be kept as the main factor. There are other things to be taken into consideration to make the correct selection like customer service, coverage details, etc. Some companies to attract new customers and to retain existing ones may offer special discounts like marital discounts, in case, both spouses tend to apply for medical converge as well as other discounts for deriving multiple insurance policies.

Besides this, few insurance providers may increase their premium rates with age and others keep constant rates on the premiums as long the customer retains the policy.

One essential tip to follow is to buy Medigap plan, once the person touches 65 years of age. For the initial 6 months, the providers are required to take new customers, irrespective of them having pre-existing conditions or not.